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Who are we?

A Quick History of Roomlala

Roomlala was the idea of a young entrepreneur who wanted to help young people find accommodation easily in large cities. Philippe de Rouville had had his fair share of long waits to visit apartments, disappointingly small apartments on the 6th floor without an elevtator and exorbitant rental prices in major cities. It was only when a family friend came to stay with him during a 2 month internship in Paris, that he said to himself that there must be a huge number of families whose kids have left home and left empty rooms behind them. A potential source of accommodation could be exploited to make life much easier for so many students!

So, what is Roomlala?

In 2009, Philippe joined the growing family of the sharing economy and set up Roomlala (at the time called - literally 'room to rent') : a platform to put landlords and tenants in contact to rent out spare rooms. Roomlala is not a real estate agency as it is the members themselves who agree on the lease agreement. It’s a simple idea and it all happens online: landlords post an ad in which they describe their accommodation and the room that is up for rent. The tenants search for available accommodation in their chosen city and get in contact with landlords whose ads interest them. Everyone wins: besides forging new and unexpected friendships, the landlord can top up their income, while the tenant pays a much lower rent than the cost of a studio or an apartment.

The site has already helped get 3.2 million conversations started about 42,000 ads for rooms to rent across more than forty countries. Roomlala’s strength lies in its community of over 1.8 million members who are all keen to get involved and be part of the boom in renting from resident landlords across the world!

1.8 million

3.2 million
conversations started

+ 42,000 adverts
across the world

+ 40 countries
to visit


Who works behind the scenes at Roomlala?

Meet the members of our team who develop and improve the site for you every day!
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Founder of Roomlala


Office Manager






Communications Manager

Our super interns!
Aylin, Marketing Assistant - Germany
Martina, Marketing Assistant - Italy
Leticia, Marketing Assistant - Spain
Juliana, Marketing Assistant - Portugal
Thasanee, Marketing Assistant - UK/US

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